The main mission of the Center is the creation and management of a specialized medical establishment in charge of delivering stationary and ambulatory care and offer functional re-education and rehabilitation to accident victims. according to a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach integrating the medical, medical-care, therapeutic, psychic and medico-social dimensions in stationary and outpatient, and enrolling in a national care system in reeducation.

The missions associated with this main mission are:

  • to welcome, accompany, teach and communicate, to share and develop knowledge and practices in the field of functional reeducation and rehabilitation, and all that is related thereto,
  • to carry out and participate in scientific programs of research in functional re-education and rehabilitation, and in related fields.

In addition, the center is committed to a social responsibility policy.


The internal culture of the Rehazenter is based on institutional values that define the principles of behavior to be respected by each collaborator in the course of his work, with regard to patients, colleagues and any outside person:

  • respect and listening to others,
  • cordiality and empathy,
  • solidarity, sharing and cooperation with colleagues,
  • professionalism, responsibility and commitment to work,
  • fairness of choices and decisions.

Each of these values is broken down and developed in a charter in the form of individual attitudes and behaviors to be adopted by everyone.

Vision 2020

The vision that is intended to be clear, motivating, precise and inspiring, is defined as follows:
To improve the quality of life with respect and expertise in a dynamic, human, innovative, state-of-the-art National Center, integrated into the healthcare sector and serving as a reference in Europe“.

Quality policy and commitment

The National Center for Re-education and Rehabilitation, called Rehazenter, has as vision
To improve the quality of life with respect and expertise in a dynamic, human, innovative, state-of-the-art National Center, integrated into the healthcare sector and referenced in Europe“.
To meet the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders, we decided to implement a quality management system based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

This quality system aims to:

  • to continuously improve the satisfaction of our patients and interested parties,
  • it can initiate and carry on specific clinical research programs in the physical re-education and rehabilitation domains,
  • to implement a continuous improvement of our offer and our services declined from our missions by aiming for excellence,
  • promote collaboration with all actors in the care sector,
  • to attain recognized competence in Europe, particularly for teaching and research activities,
  • to ensure the safety of patients, staff and others,
  • to ensure the regulatory compliance of our services and our facilities,
  • develop networks and relations with society,
  • to ensure the well-being of the staff in the course of their activities.

To achieve these goals, our quality system is based on the following concepts, driven by our values:

  • lead in a visionary, inspired and honest way,
  • managed with agility to advance,
  • create added value for all our patients and other interested parties,
  • contribute to a sustainable future,
  • develop and mobilize the capacities of the organization,
  • succeed with the talent of the staff,
  • support outstanding initiatives and results.

We commit ourselves to allocate the human, technical and organizational resources necessary for the implementation of the quality management system.
In advance, we thank the staff for their commitment to the quality system and their quest for continuous improvement.

— Chairman of the Board and Directors