Today, the importance of re-education and rehabilitation medicine cannot be denied as well as its complementarity with regular medicine regarding the medical care of an illness or accident. The involvement of political, medical and community actors led to the opening of the brand new National Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation in February 2007 on the plateau of Kirchberg with the ambition to become a Center of Excellence in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and within the Grand Region.
This Center is meant to assist all patients and their families in their needs and its missions are the following:

  • the management of a specialized medical establishment in charge of delivering stationary and ambulatory care as well as functional re-education and the rehabilitation of disabled people,
  • to initiate and carry on specific clinical research programs in the domains of physical re-education and rehabilitation,
  • to be a place of education for reeducation and rehabilitation sciences).

— The management team


Medical rehabilitation is defined as the coordinated and combined application of medical, social, psychic, technical and educational measures to help a patient in finding the best fitted place in society and/or keeping this place.. ”
— World Health Organization

Re-education and rehabilitation medicine is a specialty meant to coordinate and implement measures designed to prevent or reduce to the inevitable minimum the functional, physical, psychological, social and economical consequences of deficiencies and disabilities. It implies a methodical implementation of actions required to achieve these goals from the first day of the injury to the day the patient is reintegrated into his environment and into society.
— European Federation of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine