The building

The “National Center for Re-education and Rehabilitation” (NCFRR) is located in the “Grünewald area” at the far east of the Kirchberg.

Connexion to the local infrastructures being located on the northern part of the complex, therapy rooms and hospitalization units are oriented towards the quietness of the valley.

The fact that the Center is also providing services and serving as a sports facility helps the patients to fit back into society and everyday’s life.

The developed green zone including a public space, parking lots and pedestrian walkways and located between the public highway and the building, serves as a buffer between accommodations and traffic.

The different functions of the building are divided in four levels, which are integrated into the place’s topography, taking into account the constraints of accessibility, lighting and communication with the outside. From a functional point of view, circulation, hospitalization units and therapeutic apartments, administration and medico-technical units, therapy rooms, gymnasium, hydrotherapy/balneotherapy and pools, technical rooms and archives as well as the two-floor parking facility can be distinguished.
Lighting and natural ventilation of therapeutic zones are provided by the disposition of patios.

The vertical communication between the different levels is mainly obtained through the glass hall, being the spine of the building.
Hospitalization units are designed like three boxes laid on level 1 above the therapeutic and medico-technical levels. These volumes pass through the main glass hall.

Level 0 is accessible through the main entrance located at the street level. The disposition of public spaces is organized around the main hall; these different spaces are the restaurant and the kitchen, the newsstand and the conference rooms.

These spaces have open view on the gymnasium and the pool and allow an easy communication between non-disabled people and patients. The direction’s office, the administration, the medico-technical units (diagnosis and examination rooms), the social service as well as the cognitive neuro-rehabilitation / psychology unit can also be found on level 0.

Sub-level 1, the therapeutic level, is directly connected to the underground parking lot and the outdoor therapies. The adapted gymnastic therapy and physiotherapy unit is composed of, among other things, a triple gymnasium with musculation and cardio training devices.

Hydrotherapy and its various baths are centered around the pool with one therapeutic pool and one sport pool.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are strongly interconnected through their medical and therapeutic similarities.

The concrete cantilevers to be seen on level 0 and sub-level 1 emphasize the therapeutic levels and medico-technical units. The neutral, transparent band-like front between the different horizontal layers is made of glass and aluminum railings. Behind the window front are the different utility rooms.

The finishing works on the walls, ceilings and floors is linked to the general structure of the building and takes into account the different requirements of each functional unit to facilitate people’s orientation within the building.


The Rehazenter has a sports hall for the practice of ball activities (handball, basketball, volleyball, …), racket games (badminton, tennis), as well as a wide range of equipment that allows the implementation of therapies for patients and the organization of training sessions and competitions as well as tournaments for external users.

The sports hall can be divided into three spaces. A climbing wall, an archery facility and a wheelchair test course expand the therapeutic offer. Nearby, the cardio room and a small gym complete the gym equipment.

Decorated with the IPC / IAKS Special Prize of the International Paralympic Committee in October 2009, the Rehazenter’s sports facilities comply with sports standards and regulations, ensuring adequate accessibility for people with reduced mobility and allowing national and international competitions to be held at external organizations.

To improve the exchange between rehabilitation and disabled sport, the Luxemburg Paralympic Committee has been in the Rehazenter since 2016. Since June 2017, our facility hosts the National Center for Paralympic Sports.

Swimming Pool

Two complementary bathing pools can be used for therapies, both for neurological and traumatological patients as well as for external users.

A swimming pool of25 meters (29 degrees) with adjustable depth on one third of its surface (from 0 to 180 cm) to adapt to the different therapies.

In addition of the surveillance from swim instructors, a computer based supervision system detects all risk of drowning.

The second bathing pool (9 x 5 meters) is accessible by a ramp, which gives an easy access for wheelchairs.

It allows patients to do exercises on different levels of different depths.

Massage water jets, bubble baths and chromo- therapy are other assets, which patients could benefit from.

Three lift seats guarantee easy access for people with reduced mobility.


The Rehazenter has 24 double rooms and 24 single rooms divided between the neurology and traumatology/orthopedics units.

Each room has a bathroom with toilets and showers adapted to all patients.

Each patient can be provided with a television, radio, telephone and internet connection.

All at once lighting, space and the quality of equipment contribute to make each stay as comfortable as possible.
You can also book an appointment with a hairstylist and a podiatrist.

A newsstand and a store can be found in the main entrance hallway, providing anything one might need during their stay.


The Rehazenter has a restaurant-cafeteria. A terrace facing the woods is accessible during summer time.

This is a living place, which both therapists and patients can enjoy.

Theme weeks (national holiday, …) strengthen this friendly atmosphere.

The professional and dynamic staff offers a varied and savory cuisine (daily menus, grilled meat, buffet, salad bar, …).

Healthy adapted diet menus and safe food can also be recommended by the doctors. They can also request for in-room meals if necessary.

Restaurant staff will help you with your tray to your table if necessary. From that point, some dedicated therapists can take over.

The restaurant is also accessible to people from outside the center, to families, conferences and seminar attendants as well as sport clubs and wheelchair sport teams using the gymnasium or the pool.

The auditorium

The auditorium is located on the ground level.

The partition walls delimiting and isolating this area can be moved to install 180 seating places.

The audio and video equipment and the soundproof isolation allow training sessions, conferences, symposiums… with a maximum of comfort.


The implantation of the new Rehazenter was created respecting the surrounding environment as much as possible.

The outdoors arrangements are a subtle mix of stone, metal, wood, water and plants. These elements recreate a very picturesque scene of architecture amid nature.

Patios allow light into the different rooms of the re-education center. They are made of terraces with plants of different species and wooden paths crossing through them. Armchairs can be found in these patios for people to rest.

Communication between therapy blocks can be made between these wooden terraces. They can also be used for outdoor treatments.

A basketball court coupled with working areas (of different textures) with tables and chairs is another surface of therapy located outside the building.

Finally, a walking re-education and wheelchair handling training course is located in between ; it is located underneath an advanced roof in open air but safe from bad weather.


A large underground car park with outdoor parking spaces offers 350 parking spaces.

Two paying underground parking levels are available to patients, visitors and staff.

The hourly rate is 1 euro. From 3 hours of treatment, a parking card can be withdrawn from the patient management to benefit from a fee of 3 euros per day for patients of the Rehazenter of Luxembourg.

Short-term parking is near the main entrance.

Disabled parking spaces are available in each of the parking areas.

Two car parks for suppliers are available: one on the west side of the building by access to the outdoor parking at the rear of the building and one by the access to the ambulances car park.