Life in the hospital is centered around two pathologic mainstreams: neurology and traumatology/orthopedics. Each of the "neurology" and "traumatology / orthopedics" sector is supervised by specialists of physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Each sector also has its own secretary dealing, along with the patients management service, with admissions and administrative formalities for each patient. Both ambulatory and stationary cares are provided.

This secretary also provides patients with an individual timetable for the therapies as well as useful information for the period of the stay. It finally handles the redaction of all documents and medical reports required for the care.

The medical staff takes part in the care process during the entire stay and in many different fields: auxiliary nurses, social workers, dieticians, occupational therapists, hygienist, nurses, swimming instructors, physiotherapists, sports instructors, speech therapists, orthoptists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, psychomotor therapists, biomechanics engineer and patients handlers collaborate between both sectors depending on their specialties.

Many services (administration, logistics,…) support the efforts making possible the efficiency and quality of the medical and therapeutic care.

A large underground parking area as well as outdoors parking lots offer 350 parking spaces.