Required Documents

During your admission into the Rehazenter we need you to provide the following documents :

  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Health Insurance card
  • Medico-surgical card, Prestaplus or any other complementary healthcare
  • Letter from the referring practitioner
  • Address and phone number of someone to contact
  • European Healthcare card or the substitute certificate and, if necessary, E111 or E112 form if you are a member of a foreign healthcare service
  • The coverage of your stay if you are a member of RCAM (Régime Commun des Assurances Maladies)

Each admission in the National Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation requires a prior medical consultation by one of the practitioner recognized by the hospital.

Formalities of Admission

You know the time and date of your admission. We need you to respect this schedule. Please check in with these documents at the Admission Counter that you will find on the ground floor of the building.

Working hours of the Admission Counter :

  • Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Before you leave the Rehazenter make sure you have checked your deductions with the Admission Counter for guarantees or anything you might have paid in advance. Do not forget to give you Telephone/TV card as well as your access card.

Check out Time and Date
It is you and your doctor who decide the time and date of your leave. Before you leave the service, we ask you to be as kind as to inform a member of the medical staff.

Warning : The presence of one of the parents or the legal guardian carrying an identity card is required for minors checking out.