The traumatologic and orthopedics rehabilitation and re-education sector deals with re-education treatments of pathologies affecting musculoskeletal system and the rachis.
The locomotor re-education deals with treatments for patients with pathologies affecting mainly the lower and upper limbs with specific care dedicated to affections of the hand. These pathologies are often of traumatic, degenerative or malformated origins.

A multidisciplinary team, supervised by specialists of physical and rehabilitation medicine ensures early cares in the immediate postoperative phase or after any kind of hospital treatment. It is centered around a personalized hospitalization or ambulatory program. Repeated reports will allow adaptations to the treatment for optimal recovery.

The objective is to favor a quick social and professional reinsertion as well as a swift return to family life.

A special prosthesis department adapts the necessary prosthesis and orthesis for a quick recovery from an incapacity or handicap. The spinal re-education treats pathologies and affections of degenerative, traumatologic and malformated etiology of the vertebral column.

Patients are taken care of after a surgical intervention or any other hospital treatment.

The care will be either individual or collective within the Rachis Dynamism Restoration (RDR) group.
Re-education programs include pain medication and offer, among other things, a psychosocial support and the intervention of a professional reinsertion oriented "back school".
Treatments are offered very early in the therapy to prevent the establishment of a long-lasting handicap and to limit risks of an evolution towards a permanent work disability.