The objective of the neurological rehabilitation and functional re-education sector is to provide care to patients with deficiencies of neurological origins, were they acquired or congenital. (Cerebrovascular accident – Head Syndrome – paraplegia or quadriplegia – Multiple sclerosis – Brain Tumor – Muscular Disease – Cerebral Palsy - ...).

The combination of multiple deficiencies in a handicap shows the necessity of the intervention of different therapists and care providers with specific competences: the team should be supervised by a Specialist for physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine.

Care for children with neuro-motor deficiencies are provided by collaborating hospital teams and neighboring care structures: they include the evaluation of motor and cognitive disorders and an optimized management of functional disorders related to the initial lesion, to dysmorphogenesis and to learning disorders.

The objective of the re-education programs developed by the Neurology sector is first to evaluate the deficiencies affecting the different functions and then suggest aimed therapeutic activities adapted to the patient's evolution and social-family environment: the aim of our care is to rehabilitate the patient within an optimized private-professional environment.