The " National Center for Re-education and Rehabilitation" (NCFRR) is located in the "Grünewald area" at the far east of the Kirchberg area.
Connexion to the local infrastructures being located on the Northern part of the complex, therapy rooms and hospitalization units are oriented towards the quietness of the valley.

The fact that the Center is also providing services and serving as a sports facility helps the patients to fit back in the society and everyday's life.

The developed green zone including a public space, parking lots and pedestrian roads and located between the public highway and the building, serves as a buffer between accommodations and traffic.

The different functions of the building are spread through four levels that are integrated into the place's topography, taking into account the constraints of accessibility, lighting and communication with the outside. From a functional point of view, traffic, hospitalization units and therapeutic apartments, administration and medico-technical units, therapy rooms, gymnasium, hydra/spa bath therapy and pools, technical rooms and archives as well as the two-floor parking facility can be distinguished.

Lighting and natural ventilation of therapeutic zones are provided by the disposition of patios.

The vertical communication between the different levels is mainly obtained through the glass hall, being the spine of the building.

Hospitalization units are designed like three boxes laid on level 1 above the therapeutic and medico-technical levels. These volumes go through the main glass hall.

Level 0 is accessible through the main entrance located at street level. The disposition of public spaces is organized around the main hall; these spaces are the restaurant and the kitchen, newsstand and conference rooms.

These spaces have open view on the gymnasium and the pool and allow an easy communication between non-disabled people and patients. Direction's office, administration, medico-technical units (diagnosis and examination rooms), social service as well as the cognitive neuro-rehabilitation / psychology unit can also be found on level 0.

Sub-level 1, the therapeutic level, is directly connected to the underground parking lot and outdoors therapies. The adapted gymnastic therapy and physiotherapy unit is composed of, among other things, a triple gymnasium with muscle-building and cardio training devices.

Hydrotherapy and its various baths is centered around the pool with one therapeutic pool and one sport pool.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are strongly interconnected through their medical and therapeutic similarities.

The concrete cantilevers to be seen on level 0 and sub-level 1 emphasize the therapeutic levels and medico-technical units. The neutral, transparent band-like front between the different horizontal layers is made of glass and aluminum railings. Behind the front are scattered the different utility rooms.

The finishing works on the walls, ceilings and floors is linked to the general structure of the building and takes into account the different requirements of each functional unit to facilitate people's orientation within the building.