Quality of General Services

"The policy of quality guarantees permanent improvement and the conformity in all aspects. This policy is based on permanent anticipation towards a continuous improvement." This vision allows the actions to be prioritized to achieve specific goals defined by the establishment's project.

The Rehazenter has committed to the EFQM Label of Excellence and has chosen to refer to the documents of the French National Authority for Health (F.N.A.H.). Policy and strategy are based on the integration of the quality policy within overall management of all sectors and functions. Team work and a positive approach of mistakes are key elements to support the success of the quality policy.

Care within the N.C.F.R.R. is often just a part of a larger treatment :

  • the quality of the results is often to be considered on a scale than that goes beyond just the hospital;
  • the provided care in a hospital often depend of upstream actions and the results have to be forwarded to the next step in the treatment process.

The objective of the evaluation is to constantly improve the performances of the organization to support the key steps of the treatment. The hospital's project includes the development of inter-services structures and, for each described policy, indicators to measure the level of achievement for every objective.


The objective of the In-service Training management service is to match the existing competences with the competences required to achieve the objectives of the Rehazenter.

The In-service Training Management Service has a transverse function that contributes to manage, develop and accomplish competences and potential of staff members at an individual, team and company level.